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Poems in English

It happened last night

the trail went cold
even though something was supposed to

happen tonight

a deceitful servant
pretending to be the master
she believed it even herself

shadows dragging along
a lighthearted fool

nobody´s home
a frightened emptiness behind your eyes

I filled it with colours
what else could have I come up with


The gentle stranger

why do you speak to the air?

I wonder

wind blows through the ruins

I wonder

I watch the gentle stranger

walking in the woods

if I meet you on top of the hill

it’s time to wake up

In the afternoon

I would do the dishes

I would stretch out

and I would leave

like I would not return


I wrote down dates

even though this is a dream


In the middle of a scary conversation

I thought to myself

Now this feels so real it cannot be a dream

I wish it was a dream

I woke up

to leave like I would not return


A man was sat on the curb crying


I might end up marrying the happiness within



for giving
is what we’re here for
and do you see
you have already died
you travel with death
love is sitting on your left
No, wait, now
that’s right
I left the snow behind
don’t worry dear
the flower keeps watch
purple buds of wisdom
with yellow for delight

I’m cleaning up for love

Wisdom lives in the fire
it whispers me


can you hear


I’m cleaning up for love





Something falls apart


the situation misses

A true leader of the hearts


one path

leads to another


where my light

brings emptiness

into sight




Enter the woods

death is not a hunter


Enter the woods

death is a passionate lover


Enter the woods

(you are the hunter)




I fell in love with you that night

It had been so long
That for a moment
I doubted if it ever had been at all

And now I love you
Like the wise man loves the ocean

The springing tree loves the Sun

And I am free


The rising


wide awake

I wait

I rest


fear nothing

expect the best



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